Our Enterprise PLM solution offerings help customers to map their business processes achieve PLM implementation objective. With PLM systems talking to various other implementations like ERP, CRM, HCM and SCM, the information exchange has increased multi-fold to make product data available real-time. This calls for a lot of customization on top of OOB features of a PLM application. MEC's expertise on product realization processes and business logic incorporation makes it the right choice for organizations looking to optimize their processes. 


MEC has in-house capabilities to create CAD designs and prototype them with different RPT technologies to give a quick turnaround to product development. We offer 3D Printing, Polyjet and SLS RPT methods to quickly fabricate 3D models. Furthermore, we suggest design changes and analyze models to move product designs from alpha to beta stage. If you are looking at fabrication methods which are more sturdy and ready-to-use we offer laser cut parts that are closer to the actual design in terms of look, feel and stength. Our fabrication experts will suggest the best prototypong method based on your needs. 


We convert ideas to reality - MEC was started with this core concept of bringing ideas to life by going through all stages involved in the product development cycle. Ranging from simple automation to complex industrial products, we cater to a wide range of industries. This offering in particular is unique in the sense that it covers all aspects of IT, electronics and mechanical engineering packaged into one service. MEC has the right blend of experienced engineers to work on various product development programs.
We cover all the following process in our Idea to product realization philosophy. MEC has also worked on specific process or programs where our expertise has been used to implemented the required phase. If you're idea seed is just sown or if your product is in a relatively mature phase of development of development, our team can lend its expertise to release products in line with the project plan. 

MEC has been working with Tier1 suppliers in the Aerospace industry to fulfill growing demands projects with stringent timelines. We have partnered with suppliers to work on aerospace programs related to primary/secondary structures. Our major contribution to teams working on Aircraft design has been in the areas of process automation, to help improve productivity, thereby decreasing the time to release production drawings. 

  • Structures
    • Primary 
    • Secondary
  • Interior Design 
    • Seating Systems
    • Galleys
    • Cabin Monuments
  • Technical Publications
    • Authoring
    • Illustrations
  • Drafting and Detailing Services

The High-Tech industry continuously calls for innovation to release competitive products to the market with reduced product design cycle time. Our focus on the high tech industry is concentrated on Telecom, Networking and consumer electronics domain. Customers have used our services for development, testing and validation of  systems on different middleware development. With experience in OpenGL, Gesture/Speech recognition programming, media and entertainment companies can leverage our development expertise to bring feature bundled products to the market faster. Coupled with hardware design and embedded development capabilities we have a robust team to cater to challenging projects in the hi-tech space.